Super Motherload
Direct (PC) | $14.99
Steam (PC) | $14.99
PlayStation®3 & PlayStation®4 | $14.99






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Press Kit

Download The Super Motherload Press Kit

Press Release

February 25, 2014: Super Motherload Now Available on Steam Early Access

June 6, 2013: XGen Studios Announces "Super Motherload" for PlayStation®4 Computer Entertainment System

Game Manual

A quick reference guide explaining: gameplay, controls, mineral values, bomb types and other various game mechanics.


Q: What platforms can I play Super Motherload on?
A: PlayStation®4, PlayStation®3, and PC

Q: Will Super Motherload be available on any other platforms?
A: We hope so! However, there are no definite plans for other platforms at this point in time.

Q: Where can I buy that soundtrack?
A: You can buy the Super Motherload OST on iTunes for one easy payment of $9.99

Q: How do I play?
A: We put together a game manual if you're into those sort of things.

Q: Is there a WiiWare version of Super Motherload?
A: Unfortunately no, we stopped the development of the (original) Wii version in the summer of 2012 to focus on the HD versions of the game for platforms that could output at full 1080p resolution.

Q: Does Super Motherload support online multi-player?
A: No, we've designed the game so that the best way to play with your friends is through local "couch co-op". Though we can't rule out online multiplayer as a potential option in the future, local co-op is the only multiplayer option that will be supported at launch.

Q: Do I have to play with my friends?
A: Not at all! The single player mode scales in difficulty for you so that you can play through the story mode just as well by yourself! No need to make friends!

Q: Will there be updates to the game after it is released?
A: We will do our best to make sure that the game works as advertised on as many possible hardware configurations as we can by updating the game if issues arise.

Q: I write for a blog, vlog, newspaper, radio show, carrier pigeon service, can you hook me up with a press kit?
A: Absolutely! Download the Super Motherload Press Kit if you have any specific questions feel free to contact XGen Studios by email:

XGen Studios, Inc.

About Us

XGen Studios is an award-winning video game developer, publisher, and technology provider. Over the past decade, XGen Studios has brought to market 9 commercial games for 7 unique platforms, including PlayStation™ Network, Mac, PC, Android, iOS and the Web, as well as the #1-selling hit Defend Your Castle for Nintendo's WiiWare™ Service. XGen Studios has a thriving online community with over 3 million monthly players and is independently owned and operated.

Super Motherload Development History

Super Motherload is the sequel to the massively popular webgame Motherload, developed in 2004 by our studio, XGen Studios, and featured on some of the world's largest portals including Miniclip, MTV, Virgin Games, and EA's Pogo. Following the launch of #1-WiiWare hit and first console title, Defend Your Castle, we began production of Super Motherload in 2009.